Here is a list of our most recent events! 

Native American Rhythms Festival

Date: Saturday Nov. 14th & Sunday November 15th

Location: Wickham Park

Diversity Outloud Colloquia Series: Fall & Spring

The “Diversity Out Loud” colloquia series is a once-per-semester interactive scholarly presentation focused on a diversity related topic that occurs as part of the larger Psy.D colloquium series. Examples of past topics include:

  •  “A Psychosocial Perspective of Socioeconomic Status”
  •  “The Changing Face of Family”
  •  “Indigenous Psychology: Concepts and Applications”
  •  "Age(ism): Myths and Misconceptions of Growing Older"

This Fall  2015, our topic will be "Violence Against Ethnic Minorities" 

Date: Friday, 9-10:30am 

Location: Harris Commons, School of Psychology, 2nd Floor

Spring Movie Night: The Riot - a play by the Westshore theatre group

Date: April 17th, 2015, 5:30 - 9:30PM

Location: Gleason Auditorium

9th Annual International Festival @ Florida Tech

Date: February 28th, 2015, 12-5 pm

Location: Florida Tech Campus, Panther Plaza (off Country Club Road)

Each year Diversity Committee participates in the annual FIT International Festival by contributing interactive displays focusing on psychological topics relevant to international issues. Example themes include:

  • “The International in Me” in which festival attendees were encouraged to consider the various cultures that they have experienced throughout their lives and to share their own multicultural background or experiences
  •  “Traditions from around the World” in which festival attendees shared their unique cultural traditions such as holiday festivals or traditional meals
  •  “The Psychology of Acculturation” in which festival attendees learned about the theory behind the acculturation process and shared interesting stories about their experiences acculturating to other cultures


A different heritage is celebrated during certain months and they are listed below:  

o January: Martin Luther King Jr. day
o February: African American History month
o March: Women¹s History month
o May: Asian Pacific Islander month
o June: Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transgender Pride month
o September: Hispanic-Latino Heritage month
o November: American Indian Heritage month

The Diversity Committee creates and circulates a PowerPoint/informational flyer for the months recognizing a particular heritage in order to increase awareness and sensitivity.

If you would like a copy please email or Dr. Krishnamurthy or Dr. Proctor



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